Welcome to Providence Ranch...

mini herefords

Legendary bloodlines.  Championship bloodlines.  Old, blended, and current bloodlines.  Our daily focus is on mini hereford genetics.

At Providence Ranch, creating great genetics through our embryos and calves is what we do, what gets us up in the morning, keeps us on the run all day long, and always offers us a good night's rest after a long day of manual labor.  But that's the way we like it.

Growing up on a farm, we learned how to work and we still aren't afraid of work.  We also learned how to take care of our livestock and we remain committed to the best treatment and producing the finest quality mini-herfords we can produce.

Our ranch is simple, but we like simple because it enables us to focus on genetics, to give attention to the current greats, but to also consider how to create blended outcrosses, and original bloodlines that incorporate the legends of the past, legends who are directly responsible for the champions of today.  A brief tour through pedigrees and you will notice the frequency of greats like LS Mt Nugget 13, LS Mt Rock, LS Mt Oak 6150, the culmination of 18 years of breeding on the Largent ranch, all among our semen sires.

Take a look around and we believe you'll see that farming is what we do, that quality is our focus, and that genetics are our passion.

Our Philosophy...

mini hereford calf

Simply to offer you, via embryos or cattle, the best genetics from current champions, champions of the past, and genetics that offer an outcross, a blend of the finest genetics from the past coupled with the finest genetics from the present.

Our goal is to enable you to produce outstanding mini herefords that become champions and, more importantly, that continually improve and enhance the quality of the breed.

A perfect formula would be great, but we realize that it doesn't exist. Yet having access to genetics that have proven themselves, we strive to offer you embryos and cattle that will continue to move the mini herefords forward for years to come.  The "home of the originals," that's what we strive to be as we study pedigrees of the present champions, and, at the same time, study pedigrees of the past.  In doing so, it's clear that great genetics from the past continue to produce great cattle in the present.

W906 Hetland Ave, Rib Lake, WI 54470