Creating original bloodlines and blended bloodlines requires choosing dams that will bring the remaining key factors that the sire side is unable to produce. With carefully selected dams who carry great bloodlines, we're prepared to offer you some impressive embryo pedigrees and calf pedigrees to expand your herd.
LS Star Sapphire Dam

LS Star Sapphire 0K22

Looking for old and rare in the same package?  Take a look at this pedigree.  Many sires and dams date back to the early 1990's and some to the 1980's.  Sapphire is a 2010 model originating from the Largent & Sons herd, the breeder of the first true minis, what we call the first "Trumins."  After 18 years of careful linebreeding to develop consistency, to create minis that would consistently reproduce themselves, Largent finally obtained what he viewed as his first true mini-hereford. 0K22 is a descendant of that original, meticulous breeding. Having access to rare, vintage semen obtained directly from Rust Largent, we plan to create calves and embryos that contain intense LS breeding because we know that champions produce champions.  Since we have access to semen from recent champions, we'll also mate old and recent in order to offer you a blended bloodline.  With vintage semen from LS sires like Mt Oak 6150, Mt Nugget 13, Mt Rock, and more, we're excited to put some "Trumins" from Sapphire on the ground and in the tank.

Pedigree Information
Hunters MIss Savanna Dam

PRV Hunters Miss Savanna ET

What can I say that isn’t already implied in this gorgeous dam? Carrying the Linda red around both eyes and dark red color, this dam is all Linda with a full dose of the highly acclaimed Hunter.  Just in case you're not aware, Linda is old school breeding.  She's just a step beyond being Largent breeding since she's a 2002 model who, through flushing, has produced numerous champions herself. We’re gearing up to mate Savanna to several of our sires, especially some of our LS sires like Mt Oak 5340 and Mt Rock in order to see what her genetics brings to a blended bloodline which will be 50% LS breeding. If you’re interested in embryos from Savanna, check out our for sale page and you can see what embryos Miss Savanna has to offer to your herd.

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Vikings Miss Vicki Dam

PRV Vikings Miss Vicki ET

Miss Vicki is a full sib to KAP Vikings Lil Adair, grand champion female at the Denver National Western Stock Show in 2012 and then she returned the next year as grand champion cow/calf pair. Those are some impressive credentials! Since our Linda x Viking heifers and bulls were both phenomenal embryo transfers in 2016, we tried to line them up and determine which was the best, but it didn’t work. Miss Vicki is a well-muscled, medium-boned dam. She is very well-balanced and an awesome looking dam for our embryo transfer program. We’re expecting great calves, some of which will be half LS breeding. When you have such a great dam as the starting point, it makes it much easier to select the mating sires.

Pedigree Information
Vikings Miss Victory Dam

PRV Vikings Miss Victory ET

Linda x Viking - "Didn't I just read about a Linda x Viking mating?"  Yes, you did, but when you have a great thing going, who wants to use just one when you've got three impressive Linda x Viking matings.  Fortunate for us, we didn't have to choose between Vicki, Victory, and Glory who follows because we're using all three!  Victory is heavier boned, well-balanced, and wrapped with just the right amount of muscle in all the right places. Like Vicki and Glory, she is a full sib to KAP Vikings Lil Adair, grand champion female at the Denver National Western Stock Show in 2012 and then returned in 2013 as grand champion cow/calf pair. We anticipate Victory will create calves as gorgeous as she is, calves that you can have the joy of standing beside in the show ring or maybe we should say the "victory" show ring.

Pedigree Information
Vikings Miss Glory Dam

PRV Vikings Miss Glory ET

If you saw Vicki, Victory, and Glory in person, you'd agree that Glory is the heaviest boned, thickest, and carries the most well-balanced muscle of our three Linda x Viking matings. She is one beautiful, well-built dam. Speaking of similarities, she's also a flush mate to Victory and Vicki and to our phenomenal line up of Linda x Viking bulls. Although Linda's flush career has ended, we're excited to bring you the legacy of Linda from old school breeding mated with a number of different sires including some of our rare, vintage LS semen sires.  Take all that and wrap it together and you have champions in the making, champions that will be waiting for you to move them through the show circuit.

Pedigree Information
Hunters Miss Rebecca Dam

PRV Hunters Miss Rebecca ET

Linda and Windi - I’m not sure you could find two other dams who have produced as many champions as these two girls have produced!  Since Windi is gone and Linda is no longer producing embryos due to age, access to Windi & Linda offspring could potentially decline rapidly. Couple that reality with Hunter, one of the great champion bulls for over a decade, who is now gone and from whom semen is not available for purchase. Suddenly you realize the opportunity Miss Rebecca presents. With a straight topline and well-balanced muscle, Rebecca has the potential to replicate herself right into the show ring. With access to nearly a dozen semen sires which include: DK Nash, Striker, Turtle, Martin Luther, Mt Nugget 13, variety is waiting at our doorstep, variety we intend to offer you in the tank and with calves on the ground.  We’re already expecting a new line of future champions from Rebecca matings.

Pedigree Information
Teddys Miss Marigold Dam

PRV Teddys Miss Marigold ET

Windi x Teddy - This dam almost made it onto the for sale page, but we just couldn’t let her go. With Windi gone and Teddy semen not for sale, we wanted to be able to pass along this great bloodline, so Miss Marigold was added to our embryo transfer program. She is a beautiful, finer-boned, more feminine-looking dam that can bring Teddy to your herd. We like variety and this girl adds variety to our transfer program and her embryos and calves will add variety to your herd as we plan to create current, blended, and original bloodlines with this dam. That’s what we like to do, offer you variety, variety that has the potential to produce champions for you!

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Fletchers Miss Melissa Dam

PRV Fletchers Miss Melissa ET

If you're looking for more white in your minis along with great muscle and balance, Melissa carries that extra white that Fletcher is known for adding to his offspring.  However, when you add that additional white to a flush program, the opportunities for more white increase rapidly. Using our vintage semen from LS semen sires such as Mt Rock and Mt Oak 6150, Melissa can add her white to offspring that will be 50% LS by virtue of our vintage matings. Medium boned, clean-fronted, well-muscled, Melissa definitely carries her side of the pedigree and with great semen sires available, we're prepared to offer you embryos and calves that are ready for the show ring, ready for you to turn white into purple!

Pedigree Information
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