We're about genetics... We could say so much more, but that's really the bottom line. We're focused on genetics.  Old genetics. Current genetics. Blended genetics. Genetics that will create new, original bloodlines. Our sires are chosen to accomplish our goal - current, blended, and original bloodlines. 
LS Mt Rock Bull

LS Mt Rock

Perhaps you don’t recognize the LS line. If not, LS is Largent and Sons, credited as the founder of mini herefords with nearly 20 years of breeding before they ever sold their first mini hereford. Along with Mt Nugget 13, Mt Rock has played a key role in the formation of the mini hereford breed. Perhaps not as frequently found in pedigrees as is Mt Nugget 13, Mt Rock brings us more Largent heritage, old bloodlines that, when blended with current and recent past champions, creates the potential for new champions to emerge from your herd. We’re excited to create embryos and calves using our limited supply of Mt Rock because we want you to have access to what may be the next Denver Stock Show champion!

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LS Mt Nugget 13 bull

LS Mt Nugget 13

Take a look back in the early pedigrees of mini hereford champions, and you’ll often find LS Mt Nugget 13. Interestingly, every non-LS bull on our sire page can be traced back to Mt Nugget 13. For us, it only seemed logical that such a great sire of the past, the backbone of mini hereford champions, should be included and utilized for creating future generations of mini herefords. With a limited amount of semen available, we intend to use it cautiously and very selectively so that we will be able to provide you with access to bloodlines of the distant past (early 1990’s) blended with current bloodlines that clearly have the potential for you to create champions for the future.

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LS Mt Oak 6150 bull

LS Mt Oak 6150

Perhaps you’re wondering where Mt Oak fits into Largent and Sons history. It so happens that Mt Oak produced more mini hereford offspring than any other bull prior to the year 2000 and perhaps more than any other bull in mini hereford history. Not all of his offspring were registered, but those that were, went on to create a name for themselves. With Mt Oak’s impressive background in the production of outstanding mini herefords, we’re excited to have access to his semen and to use it to create what we love to create most - original and blended bloodlines that will enable you to carry forward the quality of the mini hereford line.

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LS Mt Oak 6150 

LS Mt Rock

LS Real Mt 3

LS Real Mt 3

LS Real Mt 3

LS Real Mt 3

LS Mt Oak 5340

A son of LS Mt Rock - That's a good place to start considering Mt Rock was the most widely used bull at the Largent ranch.  He's also a brother to LS Mt Oak 6150 noted above.  Fourteen months older than his brother, 5340 didn't always receive the acclaim he deserved because his younger brother, "the king" was often front and center on the Largent ranch. Although that may be true, 5340, definitely left his mark on the mini hereford breed.  Known as a "0000" frame score bull, he had the potential then and he still has the potential now to downsize mini herefords, to bring those that have grown a bit larger back into the herd of "Trumins," true mini herefords as Largent defined them and as Largent, himself, had spent 18 long years meticulously creating them.  We have chosen to call them "Trumins" as a reminder that what Largent produced and what we now produce through this vintage semen is destined to carry forward the Largent dream far beyond what even he ever imagined possible.  Whether 5340, 6150, Mt Rock, or Nugget 13, their offspring are a constant reminder of the origins of what we still know today as "mini" herefords.

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MB Martin Luther bull

MB Martin Luther

He hasn’t been a recent National Western Stock Show champion, but don’t let that stop you from reading. MB Martin Luther is a son of LS Mt Nugget 13, the backbone of mini hereford champions. As near as we know, he is also the only son of Mt Nugget 13 from which semen was collected for sale. Beyond that, Luther offers some very unique traits. He stands 41” tall making him a great bull for down-sizing. He also has a proven history of producing 80% heifers! Try to find another bull that carries that trait. Luther is also known for producing small birth weight calves (30# average) making him an excellent heifer bull. Eighty percent heifers, ability to down-size, and a son of the backbone of mini hereford champions - that’s an impressive set of credentials, credentials that could be just what your herd needs.

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SS Turtle bull

SS Turtle

Sprinkled with some LS and TC along with other sires and dams less familiar to most at the moment, SS Turtle, a polled mini hereford, was named the Grand Champion Bull at the National Western Stock Show in 2015 and 2016. Being named a champion two years in a row and carrying some old generation bloodlines, SS Turtle already carries what we view as a blended bloodline. However, crossing a blended line and other early generation bloodlines plus adding the polled gene to the mix once again creates that potential for new, original bloodlines, those bloodlines that really bring smiles to our faces.

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D K Nash bull

D K Nash ET

We like variety. Sometimes, we create it like we will be doing during 2017 with nearly 10 different semen options and at least 5 different dam matings in our transfer program. We’ll let you do the math on the number of different possibilities, but what we know at the moment, is that we have 70+ recip cows waiting for embryos. With those kinds of numbers, variety, quality & quantity will be our specialty. D K Nash fits with our plans because he offers some unique variety that we can mate with our variety to create blended and originals bloodlines which is what we love to do. D K Nash does carry some KAP, but on the dam side, you’ll find, as you look at his pedigree, names that are not so common, names that allow us to introduce even more variety. Don’t recognize D K Nash? He was the Grand Champion bull at the Iowa State Fair in 2013 and the Reserve Champion Senior Bull at the American Royal in 2013. We’re looking forward to some great calves as we mate him to our all-star line up of dams.

Pedigree Information

D K Nash ET

KAP Prince Nash

Annabelle 2

KAP King Henry

JWS Lone Star

JWS Madison

MF Majesty 961

LS Mt Oak 424

JWS Houdini

Sp's Gidgit

JWS Lil Loverboy

JWS Miss Riata

TAC Striker bull

TAC Striker JB2 ET

Maybe you’re thinking, “TAC Striker, I know the name, but where?” We’ll help you out. Striker was Grand Champion bull at the National Western Stock Show in 2014, one year before SS Turtle took the stage back to back years in 2015 & 2016. If you’re chasing after the latest champion, you’ll have to pass on embryos and calves out of this champion. However, if you believe, as we do, that past champions have the potential to create future champions, Striker blended with our top-notch dams will offer you the potential to prove what has already been proven in the mini hereford world - that former champions can and do produce champions in the future. We’re delighted to include Striker in our listing of semen sires and are already expecting great embryos and calves from this champion of the recent past.

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King Henry Bull

KAP King Henry Hunter ET

Hunter - For many breeders, that’s about all that needs to be said as Hunter is nearly a household name among mini hereford breeders. With Hunter gone, semen no longer available for purchase, and a list of champions that spans more than a decade, Hunter bloodlines are among the most sought after bloodlines KAP ever produced. We’d like to tell you that we had a limited amount of Hunter semen available and that we’re going to use it cautiously and wisely to create embryos and calves that we anticipate will be future champions, but we don’t have that luxury. Hunter is noted among our sires as a reference sire since we have Hunter-mated calves at our ranch.

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King Henry Viking bull

KAP King Henry Viking

Like Hunter, Viking has become a household name among mini hereford breeders and his past champions continue to remind us that Viking has and continues to have a significant impact on mini hereford bloodlines. Last season, our Viking bulls and heifers both were phenomenal. Glancing at the pedigree below and looking back to the older generations, you’ll notice names that are found in Viking, Hunter, and Teddy’s bloodlines such as Mt Nugget 13, a sire who had a profound impact on the hereford industry in the early 1990’s. Some current; some blended, some old. That’s what we like to have at our fingertips among our sires.

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King Henry's Teddy bull

KAP King Henry's Teddy ET

Teddy is a brother to the highly-acclaimed Hunter bull, yet Teddy carries his own weight as a great sire and one whose early descendants helped set the stage for the fame of KAP. As of recent, Teddy semen is no longer available for purchase. Even so, we have access to Teddy genetics by way of our dams. Through Teddy genetics, access to other KAP semen, and to older bloodlines that have produced their share of champions, we have the potential to create some blended and new bloodlines that will enable breeders like you to create the next era of champions. Like Hunter, we’d like to have access to Teddy semen rather than note him here as a reference sire but, as you know, you can’t always have everything you want.

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Fletcher Quip bull

KAP Fletcher Quip

Seeing too much red in your herd? Fletcher can solve that because Fletcher is known for adding white to any herd. His calves naturally carry a larger proportion of white in all the right places making his calves look great in your herd and in the show ring. Take a close look at Fletcher’s photo above and you will see that increased proportion of white. Although a KAP champion in his own right, Fletcher, as you will notice from his pedigree, is from a different bloodline than King Henry & Sons. King Henry does find his way into Fletcher’s pedigree, but in a more distance fashion. If you are looking for KAP, but something different than the King Henry & Sons line, Fletcher offers you options worth a careful look. As one of our semen sires, he provides the opportunity for us to offer you even more diversity to our blended bloodlines.

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